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Dorthe Haugaard

I am passionate about winning deals and helping Clients succeed in a high growth environment. I have a proven and successful track record working with latest disruptive technologies within Consultancy, software (Cloud) and services, which can secure your client a successful recruitment. I thrive working with employees across borders to help maximize client success while driving financial performance.

Dorthe Haugaard, Denmark (My CV)




Ander Jimenez Morillas

Hello there! Basque newly graduated communicator here. My area of expertise ranges from graphic design to content development, specially motivated by creative work, innovative projects and videogame design! In short I'm curious, proactive and quite the fast learner. Thank you for checking out my CV and hope to hear from you soon!

Ander Jimenez Morillas, Spain (My CV)

Ahmad Aziz

I am Ahmad AZIZ Maltese national by birth.I was born in Sliema Malta dated 1 November 1983.I have permanent diplomatic employment with Ministry of foreign affairs Malta and with European external action service as envoy.

Ahmad Aziz, Malta (My CV)

Branimir Antoljak

I m an enthusiastic professional individual who is seeking a new challenges. With my experience as a head of department, supervisor and educator I believe that I am an excellent fit for this position. As this is a huge career change and I am keen to build upon my knowledge and continue to learn more. my characteristic (some) cooperativeness creativity desire for change discipline sense of humor

Branimir Antoljak, Sverige (My CV)

David Arribas

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Nautical Studies and Maritime Transport and a Master's Degree in Maritime Transport and, as well as my degrees, I have certificates that allow me to work on board any kind of vessel as a Deck Cadet. Previous work experience on the M/V L'Audace gave me the chance to apply my knowledge and build on my teamwork skills.

David Arribas, Spain (My CV)

Luciana Zacharias

Civil engineer with master in production engineering (focus on strategy and supply chain). Experience in contract management and risk analysis, large construction and also sports, in the private and public sectors. I did a sabbatical in 2017. A nine-month trip alone around the world in 21 countries. I learnt a lot and I’m still learning about this period of my life.

Luciana Zacharias, Italy (My CV)

Benouara imane

Talented Social Worker dedicated to providing effective and empathetic care. Seeks to provide Effective and supportive care while simultaneously continuing both personal and professional development.

Benouara imane, Canada (My CV)

Roberto Almendros

• International Project Manager, Strategic Purchasing Manager. • 20 years varied experience in Innovation and Regulatory Affairs. • Expert in the field of plastic materials, process and product development. • Business areas: Automotive - Plastic compounds - FMCG - Baby care. • Technology areas: Plasturgy - Material Commodities & Specialties - Fast cycling - Safety regulated products. • Functional areas: Product development - Innovation - Project management - Strategic Purchasing Management.

Roberto Almendros, the Netherlands (My CV)

Amela Karat Cavka

Mittt namn är Amela Karat Cavka är 39 år gammal 3 barns mamma gift och ny utbildad Certifierad sociala medier manager. Som person är positiv, glad, hjälpsam, kreativ snabblärt, kommunikativ person med flera års arbetslivserfarenhet inom olika branscher. Omskolat mig för sociala medier manager eftersom tycker om bilder, Photoshop, indesign, marknadsföring, bra på strategi i marknadsföring för varumärken, mm

Amela Karat Cavka, Sverige (My CV)

Luis Valles Grau

I conceive the formation of the individual from an integral point of view where not only contents are important, but above all the values proclaimed by Humanism, as effort and humility. Therefore, from respect and commitment to both what I teach and whom I teach, I always try to give my best and also extract the best from those I accompany and teach. Respect, learning and commitment would be the three words with which I would define myself.

Luis Valles Grau, Spain (My CV)

Rahul Verma

Checking on your senior loved one’s health is an important caregiver responsibility. You may need to help assess pain levels, schedule medical appointments, or manage medications and chronic conditions. It’s a good idea to discuss your loved one’s health with their doctor and other health professionals regularly.

Rahul Verma, India (My CV)

Parsa Mir Hassannia

I'm a Computer Programmer with several years experience of Web Applications in Backend Development field. In my opinion Computer Science is not just about how to write a program it is about how to think, as a developer I am always dedicated my time to concepts rather than just writing a program and this made me to easily switch between new technologies or languages to adapt myself in different situations since today. if you would like any further information feel free to keep in touch.

Parsa Mir Hassannia, Sverige (My CV)

Amponsah Afari Djan

A hardworking, energetic, resourceful, responsible, and disciplined person with regards to work ethic and always wants to set up his best in any job. A team player with good interpersonal skills, with the desire to get better by learning new things and quickly take on any role. Proven ability to manage and complete projects to standard in terms of details and deadlines

Amponsah Afari Djan, Norway (My CV)

Naturinda Rahab

I aspire to use Information technology to enhance lives and businesses through efficiently managing servers, troubleshooting fiber and installing new hardware in data centres and experience with numerous technologies across the network infrastructure including; , Cisco firewalls, network switches, routers, wireless access points & controllers, LAN cabling, WAN circuits, network security, hyper-converged networking, networking standards & policies, IP addresses and software defined networking.

Naturinda Rahab, Sverige (My CV)


I have been working as an English professor for 20 years in a row since I was a university student. Having attended postgraduate seminars on Special Education as well as Sex Education I am very keen on widening my horizons in teaching English as a foreign language or teaching English and American Literature. Being a mother of two ( aged 3 & 5) I am interested in flexible working hours.