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Susanne Lindgren

Jag är 54 år och jobbar för tillfället på Coop där jag är ansvarig för grönsaker och frys med beställningar har jobbat där i 22 år men för tillfället är tjänsteledig

Susanne Lindgren, Sverige (My CV)

Muhammad Usman Khalid

32year Pakistan with more than 10 yearslocal and international hse management experience In HSE Management field. Gradiosh certification from IOSH UK And MS-EHS Management degree from Pakistan. Iso 45001 lead auditor certification.

Muhammad Usman Khalid, Azerbaijan (My CV)

Dana Gheorghe

I’m an experienced CRM administrator and application support specialist. Skilled in operational support, technical assistance and problem solving. I've spent the last couple of years improving my Customer Relationship Management application (Siebel, Salesforce) knowledge. I enjoy learning foreign languages (Japanese, German, French), interested in recycling and sustaining local economy.

Dana Gheorghe, Romania (My CV)


OBJECTIVES: To acquire a challenging position with a progressive organization that value talent encourages growth and utilization of my extensive my skills experience summary. Document Control, Data Control, Network Administration, Troubleshooting, Project status update, knowledge of Ms Office, Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, knowledge area Financial Controllers





Dhaval Patel

Embedded Software Engineer having 10+ years of experience in firmware microcontroller programming. Have strong experience in debugging and bug fixes. Hands on experience with various microcontroller family like Texas Intrumnents, Microchip and IAR CCS MPLAB.

Dhaval Patel, Croatia (My CV)

Ozgur Eroglu

I was born in Iskenderun, Turkey on the 24th of July, in 1998. I completed primary school education in three different cities. My father was a soldier, therefore, we had traveled a lot. Then I went to high school for 4 years in Edirne, since then have been living here. Finally, now I am a graduate at Trakya University, Department of Economics.

Ozgur Eroglu, Turkey (My CV)

harmen de vries

orthopedic surgeon since 1994 teaching basic surgical skills Teacher at general doctors training

harmen de vries, the Netherlands (My CV)

Zhraa Alazrachi

jag 36 år gammal kvinna, jag har studerat som apotekare i mitt hemland och nu förberadar mig till mitt kunskap prov, mitt svenska språk är bra jag har klart Sva1 . I generelt är jag en hjälpsam ,arbetsam, flexibel person som lär sig jätte snabb. Jag hoppas att ni hittar det själv när vi träffas!

Zhraa Alazrachi, Sverige (My CV)

Omar Fernandez

Hi! I am Ómar, a graphic designer with a bachelor in Fine Arts ( with a major in Graphic Design) in Florida Atlantic University, USA. I have lived in USA for 6 years. I've been working in my field since that time, always in Spain, although doing parallel work as a freelancer. Right now I am looking for job opportunities abroad, Sweden in particular, not necessarily in design field, but it would be great if it is related :).

Omar Fernandez, Spain (My CV)

Keyvan Pazokitoroudi

Twelve-year education in Economics, Business and Industrial Engineering at three universities, also working with international companies at multicultural society in Belarus and Poland, gave me a perfect knowledge and experience to deal with different fields, such as: - Project planning (MSP and Primavera) - Evaluating business activities - Financial/Economic analysis (Excel) - Teamwork researching - Crypto market and Technical analysis I have work permit, and open to face any new field.

Keyvan Pazokitoroudi, Sverige (My CV)

Shehab Orabi

A skilled, hard-working and energetic solar energy projects manager, looking for a new challenge in renewable energy and energy management field. A bachelor degree holder in Mechanical power engineering from Alexandria University. Ambitious to contribute in creating a healthy environment and shape a better tomorrow. I managed to develop a deep understanding of the main differences between traditional power production sources and renewable & sustainable energy sources.

Shehab Orabi, Egypt (My CV)

Gabriele Fiore

Hello, my name is Gabriele Fiore, 45 years old engineer with 15 years of experiece on certification scheemes for machinery and electrical products and systems. Life gave me the opportunity to set up a family with 3 children and blessed wife. After my duty hours i like to have a chat and fun with my family and friends. Actually I'm looking for new opportunity to boost my professional profile and reach a good quality of life between work, family and free time.

Gabriele Fiore, Italy (My CV)

Gustav Lunden

Jobbat i 1 år sedan studenten, pluggade ekonomi, gillar sport och finans

Gustav Lunden, Sverige (My CV)

Anthony Robert

• 20 years of international experience across France, Ukraine, Canada, Luxembourg, United-kingdoms, Belgium Finland, have been enabled to participate to several projects • Client satisfaction oriented. • Excellent capacity to learn quickly new software. • Excellent communication skills, dynamic, hardworking, strong ability to meet the challenges, team spirit. • Team Management from 5 to 20 people. I am excited with my family to have the possibility to relocate ourselves in Sweden.

Anthony Robert, the Czech Republic (My CV)

Carlos Andres Mondragon Tirado

I am creative, ambitious and highly motivated by results of my work.

Carlos Andres Mondragon Tirado, Spain (My CV)